About Me


I started blogging a long time ago when I was in my late teens on and off [I’m now in my 30’s], mostly about random thoughts, events, and more recently about my travels [even though I started travelling since I was only a few months old]. The only thing is, I never really made my blogs public until now. Blogging was moreso a digital journal where I could empty whatever was in my head onto a computer screen.  It was also my way of recording things that happened in my life so I could look back on it – ups, downs, embarrassing, hilarious or just plain memorable [just like what I, and most of us do when capturing moments/events in photos]. Ever since I was a kid, I had a habit of keeping a record or souvenir of little things I could one day look back on [yes, I was one of those kids that had a ‘friendship book’ where I encouraged my friends from school to fill it out & paste their pictures in]. Before the days of Facebook, I used ‘blogging’ as my way of keeping friends and family up to date with my adventures and thoughts while I was on my travels.  I do the same with my photos – I’m addicted to taking photos! I’m usually the person on a trip that falls behind because I’m taking a photo of a flower, building, sunset or an exotic dish that’s so nicely presented (right before I eat it).  All I can say is, thank goodness for smart phones! Being able to capture photos at any time in any place, anywhere in the world and share them instantaneously has just enhanced my addiction even more. Gotta love technology!

I also like being creative and organising special events and occasions. If I can make something that turns out how it’s meant to look, decorate a room or piece of clothing, or add a personalised touch to something, the end result can be pretty satisfying. Whether other people think I’m good at it or not is another story [haha], but it’s just one of those things that I like to do whenever I get the chance.

I’m a big believer in making the most of life regardless how busy we get, experiencing a different part of the world any chance we can & taking the time to learn something new everyday. So, feel free to share your lifestyle favourites, random thoughts or travel inspirations & tips while I share mine.

Happy reading!
Kelia 🙂