Getting creative with fruit: My pineapple palm tree


Recently, my good friend and I decided to have a joint birthday celebration since our birthdays are so close together.  It’s been a long time since I’ve thrown a party for my birthday – I usually go out or travel somewhere else to celebrate. This year we decided to go for a Hawaiian Luau theme which was easy and so much fun. Of course, we also asked our guests to come in their best and most colourful Hawaiian Luau outfits to celebrate with us.

This is an idea I wanted to create for our fruit platter. We decided to place it in our “Tiki bar” area instead of the table with the rest of the food since it took up a fair bit of space, plus it was a great feature to have so we also used it as decoration.  Both our partners helped me put it together too – so, thanks guys!

This is all I used to make this fruit platter palm tree:

  • 1 x round bbq foil tray
  • 3 pineapples
  • a selection of fruit (I used grapes, watermelon, rockmelon/cantelopes & strawberries for a variety of colours)
  • 1 packet of bbq skewers (full length)
  • 1 packet of bbq skewers (half length)
  • small palm leaves (which I took from my parents trees)

Now, to make it:

  • Cut the tops and bottoms of 2 pineapples and the bottom only on the 3rd pineapple – make sure they’re cut flat and straight so that the tree doesn’t tip and holds the other pineapples up straight
  • Keep 1 pineapple completely filled ie: do not remove any of the insides as you need the bottom pineapple to be a sturdy base (this is the one you will place in the foil tray
  • The second pineapple needs to be hallowed out so remove all the filling so it ends up looking somewhat like a hallow tube
  • Hallow out the 3rd pineapple even though the top is still in tact
  • Use all the insides of the pineapple to be part of the fruit platter so cut them into small pieces and put them around the tray (base of the pineapple palm tree)
  • Using the half length skewers, pierce around the edges of the pineapples to secure the pineapples together to create a tree trunk, then do the same for the next level by placing them on top of eachother (using the skewers to keep them in tact)
  • Take the full length skewers and create fruit kebabs with the selection of fruit that’s bought and place them around the base of the tree
  • Finish the pineapple tree by sticking the palm leaves into the top of the pineapple

Present it however way you wish, this is how my tree turned out.  I didn’t think out of all the food we had for our luau, that the fruit would be quite popular too. Hope you like 🙂


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