It’s a fruit baby! DIY


Yes, that’s right…it’s a fruit baby! This yummy bub is a little something I whipped together for my friend’s baby shower (which I helped plan, organise and hosted). I came across a photo of something like this online one day when I was helping to plan for my friend’s shower so I figured I’d try make it.  Trying to find an oblong shaped watermelon to look like a bassinet however, was a bit of a challenge at the time so I had to settle for what I could find – a round one….and I wanted lots of colour.  I basically used green grapes, blueberries, strawberries, a rockmelon (or cantelope) and of course..a watermelon (with a pacifier to complete the baby theme).  My friend’s hubby helped me with some carving of fruit and some melon balling too.


 It didn’t take very long to create this and you can pretty much use any kind of fruit to decorate this fruit baby basket (the picture I used as an example had slices of oranges on the outside of the watermelon shell to look like wheels of a baby stroller).  Once you carve up the watermelon into a ‘basket’, empty the shell…create the form of a baby’s head and fill it with lots of fruit, you have a unique and cool looking fruit basket to serve guests at your baby shower.  Not to mention, it makes for a creative little table centrepiece once you have the rest of your catering served and decorated around it (that doesn’t cost a fortune to do either). Voila!


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