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Have you jumped on the Bitstrips bandwagon? If not, you’ve probably seen a lot of these little cartoon strips of your Facebook friends filling your newsfeed. It’s a great little app that allows you to create an avatar of YOU!

You can customise your eyes, nose, mouth, outfits, hair, facial expressions, and create your own comic adventures with other Facebook friends who’ve also got their own Bitstrips avatars. I have to admit, it’s slightly addictive! For those of you who have it, wouldn’t you agree?

It’s just another fun way to get interactive online with your Facebook friends and you can view which of your friends actually have an avatar, so you can add them to one of your adventures.

I’m actually finding these little cartoon comic strips quite entertaining, funny and cute. The only downfalls, I think, is that the only way you can sign up and log in to create an avatar and comic strips is through Facebook. But, apparently other ways to sign up and create comics are coming soon, so keep an eye out. Another thing is, I have a feeling the creators of this app didn’t realise how popular it would get so quickly as there have been a lot of issues and delays with creating and posting from this app – lots of “error” and “server is overloaded” messages. Very popular (it’s literally gone viral really quickly) but I know alot of people were frustrated with the initial sign up for this app. Otherwise, very clever and addictive little app. What do you think?


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2 thoughts on “APP-ddiction: Bitstrips

  1. Dee Dee

    I just downloaded Bitstrips but getting this message that they’re “currently updating the database”. Hope this doesn’t take too long. Looking forward to getting started on my avatar…

    1. Kelia Post author

      Thanks for your feedback DeeDee. I had the same problems, it took me more than a few times before I could sign up and when I finally did, it took me a while to save my avatar then it took me a while to post on Facebook. I think their server must be getting overloaded, but keep trying it’ll work soon I’m sure. Have fun with it though, it does get a bit addictive 🙂
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