Does size really matter?


It’s hard to keep up with technology these days, and as you know mobile phones (and in particular, smartphones) play a huge part in our everyday lives.  How many of us check our phones the moment we wake up and look at it before we go to sleep each night? I know I do! Our whole lives revolve around this little piece of technology we once just used to call someone or receive calls. Now, we depend on it to keep our schedules, wake us up each day, pay for our bills, use to shop, navigate us to where we need to go, watch movies, listen to music, play games or just surf the web.

I also know that alot of us have loyalty to a particular brand (Apple vs Android etc), whether it’s because we’re just addicted to that brand or because we’re so use to the features that brand has that we don’t want to bother changing. To be honest, I’ve not really had much loyalty with any brand in particular – as long as a piece of technology does what I want it to do, then I’m pretty happy.  I’m one of those people that own a laptop that’s Windows operated aswell as own a Macbook Pro and happy to use either. Up until recently I’ve always owned an Iphone since the 3, and now own a Samsung Note 2. I’ve been happy with both and I can honestly say, I don’t regret making the switch either, even though I was always use to having an Iphone. As many of you may know, my current phone (Samsung Note 2) is larger than the average phone. It’s basically a “Phablet” (phone & tablet combined) and have had alot of comments about the size of my phone, being so “huge”. In all honesty, I LOVE the size of the phone. Because I use it more to surf the web, write my blogs or whatever (rather than use it to talk on), the size works perfectly for me and it doesn’t take long at all to get use to the size either. To me, choosing a phone based on how it looks when it’s up against my ear while talking isn’t high on the list of priorities when there are that many other features that suit my phone needs.

So, I guess I wanted to talk about the whole “size” thing of mobile phones for a moment – since it’s come up in alot of different discussions when people look at the phone that I own. I’m going to use the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (pictured above) as an example to figure this whole size thing out. When you look at the rough measurements between the 2 phones, you can see that the Mini is only roughly about 1cm smaller than the regular S4. It’s also slightly more narrow but overall there isn’t a huge difference between the sizes, yet there are less features than the S4 and they market the Mini like it’s a much smaller phone compared to the regular model? (smaller more compact phone! does that specific feature appeal to you?). How many people would purchase the mini solely on the idea of the size? Also, in saying that, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 measures only about 2cm longer than the Samsung Galaxy S4 (also not a huge difference really?). I know that having a bigger screen has definitely worked wonders for me, but the idea of how I look when talking on a phone that size doesn’t bother me at all (considering I use it more for other things than actually talking on the phone, as I’m sure most of us probably do). I know alot of guys prefer smaller phones so they can throw it in their pocket, but how many of you think size does matter when it comes to phones? Just curious to what peoples thoughts are.

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