Easter break! How’s your long weekend spent?

Easter Eggs

I’m sure by now, most of you are enjoying some time off from work/school or whatever takes up the majority of your everyday schedule. The few days leading up to the long weekend, I was feeling a little under the weather, so I think the break came at a perfect time as it gave me the opportunity to catch up on some much needed rest. I literally spent Thursday and Good Friday almost hibernating most of the day away – so it’s definitely helped jump start the recovery process. It’s amazing what a little extra sleep can do for your body (something I should try to get more of).

I have to say, the weekend has brought about some beautiful, warm, sunny weather in Brisbane (thanks Mother Nature!) and given me the opportunity to catch up with family and friends too (as well as quite a few animated movies in between). Although, I haven’t eaten too many chocolate Easter eggs this year, I’ve still had my fair share of sugar intake in other forms (and quite alot of it!).

Despite what people’s beliefs are, and what Easter means to them, this time off can also be a good reminder to enjoy life and what’s important to you, whether it’s spending time with your loved ones, or escaping to your favourite beach for a swim, hike or some relaxation. Try not to get so busy that you forget to actually live life and enjoy it. There are alot of amazing things in this world that we tend to miss because we get to busy working etc (I’m definitely guilty of this myself)…take time to reflect, make time for you and appreciate everyday as it comes, and don’t just wait until it’s a long weekend to do this.

Have a wonderful Easter! I hope however and wherever you’re spending it…that it’s filled with fun, laughs, love and all things you enjoy!

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