Easter…break time


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I’ve been looking forward to the Easter break and this year (for the first time), I’ve decided to extend the break and take some time off work to recoup and hopefully even get a chance to relax, recharge and catch up on things that I need to catch up on. I’ve been an extra busy lady and my full-time job has been intense and super, SUPER, busy so it was the perfect opportunity to get a bit of me time back, and attempt to check back into some sanity. Phew! and yes I’m excited about it. I don’t usually use Easter as a ‘holiday’ period, but this year, I think it was needed. Especially, since I spent my Christmas/New Year break to move, unpack and settle into our new home.

So, I just wanted to wish all my readers (and I really appreciate those who do follow me, whether it be on my blog or on my different social media accounts), a very lovely Easter. Whether you spend it eating chocolate easter eggs, cuddling bunny rabbis, catching up with family or religiously…..I hope it’s a nice one for you.

K xx

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