Quick Easy Gourmet Meal: 6 Ingredients

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Just thought I’d share a quick and easy meal (or even a ‘snack’), that I like to make when I’m craving something a little ‘gourmet’, delicious and so simple to whip together – anyone can do it. If you haven’t already figured it out from my pics, it’s Bruschetta!  There’s a few different varieties but I just use the ingredients above – tomatoes, fresh basil, Spanish or red onion and bread (any kind really – sliced).

Step 1 – Line the bread in an oven tray and heat in the oven until it’s toasty
Step 2 – Chop the tomatoes, basil and onions and combine in a bowl (as per below)

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Step 3 – Top off the heated bread with combined ingredients
Step 4 – Drizzle a little olive oil and glazed balsamic over the top and serve

Easy, quick and tasty!

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What’s your “quick and easy” meal that you like to make?

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