Guest post by Bessie: My Journey to a healthy lifestyle!


As I attempt to write the beginning of my journey, it’s almost like having to rewind to the first day where I chose to make the change.  A new beginning, a new me! Change is scary – making the first step is always the hardest, and I remember going through a tough time in my life which led me to change!  I finally woke up and realised sometimes pain and hard times are blessings in disguise.  We learn to be stronger, to survive and to fight. I chose to move away and find myself but it wasn’t easy! There were many tears and sleepless nights but one day it it hit me and I woke up! That’s when I realised I need to stop being the kind of person that I was and try to be a better mum, better role model and make my girls proud. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a horrible mum but I wasn’t the confident, positive and active mum that I wanted to be.

Back then, I didn’t make healthy choices and life was always a rush. It wasn’t the lifestyle I wanted my kids to be living for the rest of my life. There were constant drive through dinners, frozen meals, sugar filled drinks and sweets. I am a mum of 3 young girls and I can proudly say that they were my reason for starting a new life.

It all started on a day like today while everyone was still sleeping. I was on Facebook and drinking a cold Bundaberg Guava soft drink. I would drink 2 a night which was my new addiction at the time – I remember the cramps I’d get after consuming them! While sipping on my drink, an ad came on tv which caught the corner of my eye. It got me intrigued and I remember thinking ‘one look won’t hurt’ – that was my moment! I discovered a cleaning eating diet, so I started reading more into it. I told my family “alright, I need help!!” I joined a bootcamp and needed a babysitter – I was doubting myself already and in my mind I was going to give up if I didn’t get their support. I’ve tried many diets before – shakes, starving myself thinking if I don’t eat I would lose weight, lemon detox, and pills, only to have lost about 7kg which I put back on and a bit more.

I started to change my food habits.  Getting around the idea of eating breakfast was tough because my usual breakfast was either a cup of coffee with muffins or nothing at all. I had health issues mainly due to my bad habits – I suffered from sleep apnoea, tonsillitis, and even had two cysts on my right knee. This made my journey a bit harder but I didn’t give up this time!

I thought to myself, NO more excuses!!

I went to bootcamp and often wondered “what am i doing here?” I felt really out of place! So, after my first session was done, I noticed that I was so unfit! I was so sore but I kept going until it became a habit.

My journey began over a year and a half ago and I haven’t looked back since! So far I have lost 20 kgs and dropped body fat percentage aswell. When you want something bad enough you have to get up and do it, no one else can do it for you! Small changes lead to major ones – start walking even if it’s for 20 mins a day, eventually you will progress and have the ability to go longer.

My Tips:

  • Drink water instead of soft drinks
  • Take multivitamins, fish oil
  • Drink green tea
  • Cut sugar out of your body, fruit is still ok just not too much of it.
  • Lots of greens with your meals ie: spinach, broccoli
  • Cut out cereals and have rolled oats instead – they will make you feel fuller!
  • Have protein in your meals eg. Eggs, chicken, salmon, fish , lean meats
  • No white bread, I eat Burgen rye bread
  • Eat frequently at least 5-6 meals a day
  • When you wake up have a glass of water with lemon
  • Be active, if you haven’t got access to the gym – walk, ride a bike, yoga, pilates
  • Gym – there will be trainers willing to teach you techniques, do classes
  • Relax
  • Set small goals
  • Join a support group , get a support buddy, someone who will join you
  • Take pictures to see progress
  • Don’t always rely on the scale, sometimes the scale won’t change but you will notice the difference in the clothes you wear
  • Think positive, dream big, have a can do attitude

I hope these tips help, and remember to make small steps to work towards a lifestyle change — don’t give up! I am still on my journey hoping to inspire others to lead a better life.

Remember all you need is a good pair of running shoes, motivation and a can do attitude to begin!

Much love,
Bessie xx
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Note: image in this post is a generic image and not an actual image of me.

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