Let’s talk movies: Gone Girl


I haven’t actually read this book but after seeing the review and trailer for this movie, I dragged my reluctant husband to go and see it with me after work on Friday night.  Without giving away too much of the movie to those who’ve not yet seen it, or read the book…I’d recommend seeing it! I definitely enjoyed it and by the end of the movie, my husband’s words were, “it’s better than I thought it would be”. It definitely provides audiences a bit of intrigue…the kind of thriller that keeps you wondering, slightly tense and a little disturbed. Perfect for those who love a ‘murder mystery’ plot.

The whole movie also played out at a great pace, not too slow or too fast – with interesting and easy-to-follow flashbacks. All the characters in the movie were also casted perfectly. Ben Affleck, Rosemund Pike, Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris did a great job at portraying their crazy characters in this movie. If I had to describe this movie in 2 words it would be: “Psychotic” and “Creepy”. Now, go see it! 🙂


Image taken from online movie reviews

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