Online or Offline? What’s your shopping preference?

online-shoppingShopping – do you love it or loathe it? In today’s society almost everything is accessible at our fingertips. So what I was wondering is, how many of you prefer to shop online and how many of you still prefer to shop offline?

I’m definitely a lover of shopping and in this day and age I’m finding myself shopping online more and more.  For one, who doesn’t love receiving a package in the mail where you know the content inside is something nice or exciting for you? Secondly, you can browse for hours in the comfort of your own home and compare prices without having to physically go back to a store that had the best price to begin with. Thirdly, being able to access so many more stores worldwide allows you to purchase items and products that you may not find in your local stores or even in your home country. Being that you’re now shopping worldwide, prices available to you are more competitive giving you access to better deals since some of these stores don’t even need a shopfront to run their businesses. (I mean, who wouldn’t want to save money on a purchase?).

On top of this, I know quite a few people who are not a fan of shopping, particularly alot of males (those who just like to go into a store, make their purchase then leave).  Shopping online is perfect for those particular shoppers since they don’t have to deal with the madness of a store and can make an instant purchase without having to spend hours browsing in a shop (but instead surfing a website).

I know there will always be people who are skeptical about the safety of online shopping, and obviously there will always be risks like this when it comes to anything ‘online’. But, at the same time most businesses with a shopping website these days are also mindful of this problem and will make sure to implement the appropriate security measures to protect their customers and the reputation of their own businesses so they don’t lose customers and sales.  You just have to be careful of some sites that obviously look fake and don’t look secure, or the ones that are a little more ‘unknown’. But, at the end of the day you should always be cautious of online transactions anyway.

On the other hand, when it comes to things like clothes and shoes, you sometimes just want the chance to “try before you buy”. Sometimes you just want to take your purchase home straight away rather than wait for it to arrive in the mail. Either way, they both have their pros and cons and it makes me wonder whether in 20 or 50 years time, if shopping in general will end up being all online? What are your thoughts?

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