Party etiquette, what’s acceptable? (or not)


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I’d like to think we live in a world where ‘respect’ is just a given and that we shouldn’t have to remind others that it should just go without saying. I grew up having that instilled into me and maybe I just expect too much to get the same? Not really, we shouldn’t really settle for anything less than what we give out. In a perfect world (well, at least my world), we’d all be polite, respectful and get along like crazy.

Reality check.

Truth is, we’re all different – our ideas, mannerisms, behaviours, opinions, fears, annoyances, enjoyment, beliefs and almost everything in between….and that is totally, completely and utterly A-OK. So, this is where the respect needs to come in. We all do things differently, we all want and like different things….but, wouldn’t the world be sooooo much nicer if everyone just accepted and respected that? Yes!

This isn’t an angry rant, just an observation. An observation of how disrespectful and unacceptable some people’s comments and behaviours can be when it comes to special occasions. I’ve organized, hosted, planned, contributed and been a part of so many events for others aswell as for myself, and I touched on this in one of my earlier blogs about ‘wedding etiquette’. But, the amount of times I witness or hear guests saying negative and opinionated comments about someone else’s special occasion when they played no part in organizing it, makes me shake my head.

Everyone has their opinions (and we’re all entitled to them), on how things should or shouldn’t have been done, what they like or what they didn’t like…this list goes on.  But, at the end of the day, in my mind….if you’re not organizing the event, nor is it your own event, or even contributing to the event, then really…your comments don’t count for anything so they’re probably better kept to yourself, and really, you have no say on how things ‘should have’ been done.  When it’s your event and you’re organizing, planning and paying for it, then go crazy and have everything done YOUR way. That’s how it should be done, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Do you, always, do you. So, at the same time, let others celebrate their event the way they want to, after all, it’s their special occasion, not yours.

Events aren’t always easy to plan, nor is the ‘backstage’ prep before the guests arrive anywhere near as glamourous as it looks when it’s all finally pulled together – you can ask anyone who’s ever organized a party or special occasion. It can be pretty stressful and exhausting sometimes. So, respect the host and those who helped organized the occasion and celebrate what you’re there for. If you’ve been invited to someone elses event, be respectful enough to celebrate it with them without negative opinions. Is that so hard to do? It’s an event people, it’s the best time to enjoy yourselves! 🙂



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