Salsa Steak – in about 15 mins!


Here’s a big ole cheat version of steak that’s delicious and quick to prepare! Just the way I like it! We all get too busy to cook a delicious meal sometimes so thought I’d share this one with you.  This meal took less than 15 minutes for me to prepare and serve.  This is all you need:

  • Thin sliced sizzle steak (1. because this is just the one I prefer, and 2. it cooks so quickly!..if you get a thicker cut of steak it just adds to your cooking time)
  • Capsicum (or peppers)
  • Onion (brown or red)
  • Tomato based pasta sauce
  • Mixed herbs

Spray a frying pan with olive oil and lightly fry the steaks. Chop the capsicum and onion and fry in a pot (that you’ve also sprayed with a bit of olive oil).  Add pasta sauce and sprinkle herbs over the top.  Cook for a few minutes until it thickens.  Serve the salsa on top of the steak and you have a delicious steak dinner that didn’t take you forever to make. Enjoy!

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