Shop Kelia – Happy Birthday! All systems are go…


Now, this is where I get a little bit of excited. For months, I’ve been working on launching a shopping section on my website and last night, it went LIVE! So, here’s to the birth of my online store! Hooray!

It was one of those things where you work on something and you think you have everything covered and along the way you manage to keep finding little things that don’t work or need to get done (very tedius!)…so, despite the several attempts to launch and the sleepless nights between my husband and I, we managed to work through the bugs and now all systems are go. My goal was to get it up and running before Christmas, it was a close call but we did it! BUT, not everything has been loaded as yet and I have more products coming, however, I at least have enough on there for sale for those searching for a great stocking stuffer gift to add to someones present before Christmas arrives. Or, if you’re looking to just treat yourself with a little something nice.

My store came about when I personally spent a lot of time stocking up on products during my overseas trips with items that aren’t as easily accessible in Australia, and I know alot of other people do the same. So I figured that I’d purchase some of these products myself (that I personally love) in bulk and make them easily available to buy from my online store for other Australian buyers. If you haven’t already guessed by looking at my shop, I’m addicted to scented and flavoured beauty products (particularly from Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works). I also enjoy making accessories & clothing items so you’ll find some hand-made stuff on there aswell. There’s more to come so stay tuned and keep coming back to see what’s new.

In the meantime, feel free to browse and see whats available with my initial launch and hopefully you find something nice for Christmas!  I’d also love to hear your feedback about the store, my products, aswell as what else you’d like to see.  Guys too! I’d love to get stuff on there for you to purchase aswell.

I also wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU to those who have always supported me since starting up this site and for those who continuously engage with me on all  my social media platforms. Your support and following is greatly appreciated. Thanks again & happy shopping! 🙂

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