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I know it’s been a while since my last post. I always say we always need to make time for the things we enjoy and not let the craziness of work etc overtake our lives. Life has been super busy since my last post….busier than normal, but it’s all good!

Last last year, hubby & I purchased a new home – YAY! We’re so happy, thankful and glad we did, but as you know, it takes up alot of time and energy going through the whole process….and once it’s all finalized, it takes a while to settle in and make the house, a home. We moved in just before Christmas – a crazy time to be moving too. As soon as Christmas and New Year was over, it was straight back to work and has been crazy, busy since.  I was even away in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales during Valentines Day, so another year spent away from hubby.

A close friend of mine is about to give birth in a few months, and guess who’s planning and hosting her baby shower? ME! It’ll be her first bub so it’s a very exciting time for her and her family. She’s expecting a little boy, so all things blue and white are being collected to decorate this party we’re having for her next month. Speaking of baby showers, the little girl who’s baby shower I threw for her mum a couple years ago just turned two recently and I was there at her little garden party again for her second year. Two years old already! where does the time ago? I remember the day when her mum/my friend told me she was pregnant, and now she’s pregnant with her second one – very exciting! It’s another reminder of how quickly life gets away from us sometimes too.

This weekend it’s been raining and storming a fair bit, so it was a great opportunity for me to sit down and post something up. I hope it doesn’t take this long to do my next one.  Thank you to those who still stay connected with me on social media, and to those who have still checked in on my blog every once in a while to read my stuff. I really do appreciate it.

Till next time…
K x

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