Tatum & Foxx – ‘White House Down’ movie

wpid-20130907_182449So, after spending the past week being stuck at home (with my leg up) due to an ankle injury…I was pretty excited and thankful to get out of the house this weekend.  My hubby and I enjoyed a nice dinner and a movie (we always try to have date nights once a week)…and went and saw “White House Down” with Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum – 2 of my favourite celebrities! (how could I go wrong really?).  Anyway, for someone who finds it hard to sit still long enough to pay attention to a half hour tv show let alone a 2 hour movie, I was pretty much glued to the screen for the entire time (and it wasn’t just because of Channing Tatum haha)…the movie was jampacked with action (like!) and was on-the-go the whole time (like!)…it’s easy for boredom to kick in quickly with me, so being kept on my toes with all that action was totally enjoyable (and interesting)…nothing’s worse than sitting through a movie that drags and drags and you find yourself trying to catch some light on your watch amongst the darkness of the movie theatre, just so you can see how much of the movie is left (…”are we done yet?”).

Personally, I think they did a good job of casting the movie – Foxx & Tatum work pretty well together as a movie duo….and, the rest of the cast did a pretty good job too.  If you love action movies and haven’t already seen it, you should definitely go check it out.  If you already have, what did you think about it?

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