40 Ways to Say Hello!

hello_in_different_languages_by_tinaurtuna-d56vc3mThere’s a million ways to say hello! If there’s one thing to keep in mind when travelling to different parts of the world, it’s to know what their basic greeting is.  So, I’ve done some looking around and put together a list of 40 common, informal or everyday greetings in different languages just in case it comes in handy for your next overseas trip. Now, I’ve left off the accents on the words and kept it pretty simple. I’ve also tried to include the more informal words used to keep it casual.  Naturally, there are probably a bunch of different versions for some of these greetings (some being gender or region specific etc) but hopefully I’m pretty spot on with most of them (if not all).  So, here goes:

Ahn Nyeong – Korean
Ahoj – Czech
Aloha – Hawaiian
Bok – Croatian
Bonjou – Creole
Bonjour – French
Bula – Fijian
Ciao – Italian
Geia Sas – Greek
Guten Tag – German
Hallo – Afrikaans
Hello – English
Hej – Danish
Hoi – Dutch
Hola – Spanish
Ia Orana – Tahitian
Kia Ora – Maori (New Zealand)
Kia Orana- Maori (Cook Islands)
Konnichiwa – Japanese
Kumusta – Filipino
Li-ho – Taiwanese
Malo e lelei – Tongan
Mhoro – Zimbabwean
Moi – Finnish
Namaste – Hindi
Nei Ho or Lei Ho – Chinese (Cantonese)
Ni Hao – Chinese (Mandarin)
Ola – Portuguese
Pryvit – Ukranian
Sabaidee – Laotian
Salut – Romanian
Salve – Latin
Sawa Dee-ka (said by a female), Sawa Dee-krap (said by a male) – Thai
Selam – Turkish
Selamat Datang – Malaysian
Servus – Austrian
Szia – Hungarian
Talofa – Samoan
Tja – Swedish
Xin Chao – Vietnamese

Are you travelling to any of these regions anytime soon where you think it’ll be useful to know?

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