Sydney ~ Australia’s “largest” city!


 The building in the picture is too iconic for anyone to not know what it is or where it’s located. Yes, you’re right, it’s the Sydney Opera House…located in Australia’s largest city – Sydney!  Now, most people who don’t live in Australia will most likely know of Sydney if nothing else about Australia.  I would describe this city as Australia’s equivalent to New York City….the country’s “big city”, “big smoke” etc etc..

07Like most big cities – there’s alot to see and do in Sydney for tourists and locals.  Now, being that Sydney is only just over an hour flight from where I live, and is basically a neighbouring city, I probably wouldn’t really consider it much of a ‘trip’ for me (well, kinda).  However, I’m sure there are alot of people out there who haven’t been here and wouldn’t mind knowing a little more about it, so I’ve decided to feature it on my travel blog somewhere for those interested readers because I do love Sydney.

Recently, Oprah Winfrey recorded her show (for her finale season) for the first time outside of the United States right here in Sydney, Australia (where she made the Sydney Opera House her backdrop)! and yes, I was one of the lucky people who won tickets to be an audience member at one of her 2 recordings.  There was a big buzz in Sydney during this time and she definitely did a great job of promoting Sydney and Australia as a whole.


For anyone who has never been to Australia, you definitely need to visit Sydney while you’re here!  Taste some international cuisines at it’s many restaurants, see a show, do plenty of shopping, tours and activities, soak up some sun at the famous Bondi Beach, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge or just take in some of Australia’s urban lifestyle! Even if you’re just strolling around Darling Harbour, you have to admit…the views and skyline of this city is pretty breath-taking.

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