Lots of natural beauty, and sheep! ~ New Zealand

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My most recent trip to New Zealand included visits to Auckland and Rotorua. In Auckland, I managed to experience first hand at 328 metres high, the views of the city from Auckland’s Sky Tower Walk (the highest man-made structure in New Zealand). I’ll be the first to admit that it was a little scary up there, with only a harness around my waist, no railings to hold on to and strong winds blowing my hair into my face.  The feeling of security just wasn’t there for me, but at the same time I’m glad I experienced it.

From Auckland, the visit continued with a road trip to Rotorua – a city famous for its adrenaline activities, geothermal earth forces (mud baths) and Maori culture (all of which I was fortunate enough to experience).  The highlight for me was definitely the adrenaline activities, but the one thing you will need to get use to is the smell – sulphur is in the air!  While visiting Rotorua, at least take a dip in a sulphur pool and/or a mud bath and be sure to stop in to a Maori Cultural Centre where you can see a show, their wildlife and get a taste of their native food.  These are always things I like to do when visiting different countries.

Between their great cities, there is still a lot of untouched beauty with hills and hills of greenery and fresh air.  If you’re looking for a ski trip, cultural experience, adventure, wineries or wildlife…you can find it all here.

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