Sin City!! ~ Las Vegas


This hot spot is for lovers of entertainment, gambling, parties, shows and money!  Located in the desert area of Navada and about 4 hours drive from Los Angeles, Las Vegas lives up to it’s name of being the entertainment capital of the world.

Walking through the strip is like looking at a big adult playground with all their different casino themed hotels…and lights!! oh, so many lights!  The city definitely comes alive at night, with a noticeably different vibe (and appearance) during the day.  The amount of detail that went into each themed hotel is amazing – one of my favourite hotels being the Venetian where you actually feel like you’re in Europe and the ceilings look like the daytime sky.  If you happen to be taking the road trip from LA (which is what I did), then you can always make a pitstop at some of the great shopping outlets on the way too.

If you’re after a party city, or just want to try your luck at winning some money, why not visit Las Vegas? It’s one of those places you should visit at least once!

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