City of Stars – Los Angeles

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If you ever want to check out a big city that still has that beachside living so closeby, Los Angeles, California is the place to be!

Anyone who’s visited (or live here) would probably agree it’s perfect for lovers of the fast-paced lifestyle and great weather! If you love to shop (high end or bargains), love a good night-life, enjoy the outdoors or a fan of hollywood celebrities, I’d say you’d be pretty much in your element here.  If not for the views of the Hollywood Hills, it’s spotting the ‘stars’ on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – you’re bound to find something relating to your favourite celebrity, action hero or tv character.

But…just a little something to keep in mind. Los Angeles is like a bunch of cities within one big city and one area can be considered the extreme opposite to the next. So, if you’ve never had a chance to visit (or don’t already know people who live here), it’s probably a good idea to know the different areas before you head over so you know where to stay, where to visit and where and how to get around.  I’ve managed to experience a few different areas, some pretty ‘la de da’ and some ‘not-so la de da’. Overall though, I’ve managed to enjoy each visit I’ve had to LA.

One of the best parts of visiting this city or even just passing through, you always manage to discover something new and exciting everytime you visit.  Not to mention, it’s so close and easy access to alot of other visitor hot spots like Las Vegas, Disneyland Anaheim and Universal Studios….the list goes on really!

From Santa Monica to the Kodak Theatre, to the smaller streets of LA, if you’re a shutterbug like me it’s a good idea to keep your camera handy – you just never know who or what you might see or bump into.


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