Cruising onboard Carnival Spirit + Tips for first time cruisers


Have you been on a cruise ship or seen one docked in a port? You have to admit, they’re pretty magnificent to look at from afar.  I’ve never really been a huge fan of cruising holidays because the idea of being stuck on a ship in the middle of the ocean without land in sight for a period of time didn’t really appeal to me (amongst other things).


The first cruise I ever went on was the Carnival Spirit which left from Sydney and cruised out into the Pacific Ocean.  This cruise ship wasn’t too bad, and neither was the journey. There were a lot of facilities on board and what felt like endless amounts of food (buffets and little take away restaurants that were available between main meals – omg!). I have to say, that despite the amount of food available, I didn’t think the buffet food was all that tasty either (pretty average).




I was lucky to have a balcony attached to the room I stayed in too because I know not all cruise ship accommodation/cabins have windows let alone balconies. I don’t think I could handle having no access to fresh air let alone not seeing any sunlight from inside a room. The cabins are relatively small as it is so I would definitely suggest getting a room with a balcony or at least a window/port hole on any cruise.


After being on a cruise ship (I can’t even say ‘this’ cruise because there wasn’t anything too bad about the ship itself), but I was able to confirm to myself that I’m just not a cruise kinda gal. I can however see how it would appeal to other travellers though.

What’s great about cruising?

1) No matter how many destinations you stop into on a cruise (whether in Asia, South Pacific or Carribbean), you can visit them all and you only have to unpack once! You don’t have to check into hotels at each destination but still manage to visit different countries/cities in the one journey.

2) The views from a cruise ship can be pretty amazing! A little different to airport views.

3) A lot of cruises make great holidays for families – they have so many facilities to babysit and keep kids entertained while the parents can enjoy some time with other activities.

4) The amount of activities and facilities on most ships are generally pretty good. Whether you’re into fitness, enjoy a show, like to shop or just like to do other activities you wouldn’t normally do, they usually have a good mix of things to keep travellers entertained and occupied.




Tips for first time cruisers:

  • Be sure to have some sea sick tablets or ginger tablets with you before you board. They have some available on ship but aren’t always accessible when you really need it. You can be one of those people that might not get sick on other forms of water transport but you might just get sick on that cruise so just be prepared.
  • Take sea sick/ginger tablets prior to departing, once you feel sea sick, taking them afterwards just doesn’t really help.
  • Try to book a room with a balcony or window, the rooms aren’t all that big so you probably want fresh air or at least the sunlight
  • Be sure to take note of your room location. Those ships can be pretty huge and rooms and hallways to all the accommodation can look exactly the same on each side and on every level – I’ve managed to get lost on ships on quite a few occasions.
  • Get hold of a cruise program so you’re aware of available activities and schedules while on board, there’s always so much happening that you may not be aware of on something that big – you wouldn’t want to miss out on something that interests you. This can also help you pack as some dinners may expect you to wear slightly formal attire for a particular evening.

IMG_9377Despite not being a huge fan of cruising, being out on the ocean can really give you that “getaway” feeling when you’re sitting on the balcony on your own with nothing but ocean in sight and just watching the world go by.

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