Whitsunday beauty! Great Barrier Reef ~ Heron Island

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Who wouldn’t want to stay, eat and play on one of the 7 Wonders of the World (the Great Barrier Reef)? Heron Island, one of Australia’s many islands situated off the Queensland coast happens to make this great Australian icon it’s home (and what a great spot it is).This tiny little island is surrounded by nothing but clear blue water and natural wildlife.  The island is very “nature orientated” and you’re cut off from the main island – literally! Your mobile phones don’t work on this island and there are no TV’s in your rooms, so you really are getting in amongst nature (however, the resort does give you internet and phone access at their information centre – so for those who can never be disconnected from the world, don’t freak out too much).

If you happen to come to the island at the right time of year (which I was) – there’s a good chance that you may catch a glimpse of mother turtles coming in from the ocean to lay their eggs on the beach, and seeing the hatchlings make their journey into the ocean. Unfortunately, alot of the baby turtles don’t make it (and for those who know me personally, they know how much I love turtles).  A couple of the girls and I (who took the trip here)  managed to save a little hatchling from a bird that was trying to eat it on the roof of our room. We even supervised the baby turtle’s journey into the ocean once we got it on the beach but unfortunately the little one didn’t make it {insert sad face here}. If you stroll the beaches at night during this season, you might even trip over a huge mama turtle!  (since you’re not really allowed to shine any lights while they’re closeby). It’s all really interesting to see up close.


This is the little hatchling we saved on the roof but unfortunately not from the ocean.

During the day, the waters are beautiful to snorkel and explore in, or you can just swim in the resort pool all day.  The island will definitely keep you relaxed, but just remember to top up your sunblock! (I still have the tan lines to show for it).

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