Guest post by Ella Rich: Budget travel – How to save money on your next vacation


Do you want to go for a vacation but the budget is worrying you. Relax. You don’t need a big wallet to go for a holiday. Just a little planning and self-control can grant you the most memorable holiday ever. Some call it budget travel. I would like to rename it as “smart travel”. Learn it by reading some smart tips given down under.


Transport is where most of the money is spent. So save on this. It has two aspects: If you are going to travel within the country: Look for cheaper ways to reach your destination. If you are going to a foreign land: look for cheaper airfares and book in advance.


Do some homework. Enquire about places that are cheap and safe for tourists. Decide and book the place you will be staying in that unknown, unfamiliar land in advance. You can always find affordable places that are safe too everywhere.

Money Management

More money in the wallet means more expenditure. Limited cash will check your temptations and avert extra shopping. Never carry too much cash with you – there is always a risk of losing it.

Pack Less

Remember you are going for a vacation. While packing, ensure that you carry below the size and weight restrictions mandatory for the particular airlines. Carry lesser clothes with you or else you will be charged for extra luggage.

Be Online

There are a plethora of benefits you can reap by remaining online. Many airlines, travel companies, car-hire dealers, hotel chains offer special discount at some point of the year. Sign up for them. They also inform via emails. Railways too open booking periods like this. Just remain alert and harness the opportunity.

Travel by night

Travelling by night can save one night stay charges at the hotel. Returning by night means two nights saved. Think, compare the charges.

Budget hotels

These are by far the best means of saving money. Don’t get scared with the word – cheap. They are mostly clean and safe for families. But do book well in advance.

Walk more

Choose the sights that require walking more and save money that you have to spend on hiring a car or in buses of ferries for commuting.

Fuel management

By refueling at some supermarket, you can save up to 10 percent than you would at the filling stations on motorways and auto routes.

Taste the local drink

Bars and pubs are the real pickpockets. Abstain from drinking at these places. Instead explore the local place. You may stumble upon some local wines. They are cheaper, give you an opportunity to mingle with the locals and familiarize you with the flavor of the place.

Eat less

Take two meals a day. Skip breakfast. Have brunch and save on the lunch cost. Avoid eating at the big sights. Restaurants and cafes located a little far off from these places are cheaper. A few minutes’ walk will take you to money saving food corner.

Phone roaming costs

There are some easy tricks to save money on phone roaming charges. Check your emails in the hotel Wi-Fi spots. The same place can be used to use to chat with the family on Skype. Some phone companies offer amazing deals on international roaming. Think of shifting to them before you go for a vacation.

Win a free holiday

How about winning a contest and then going for a vacation? It is possible. Some travel companies run such contests. Keep an eye on such offers. There cannot be anything better than this – absolutely no expenditure on travel and accommodation.

Travelling by road

If your destination is countryside or any other place and you are taking your car along. Before leaving, get your car serviced for state-of-the-art auto services. A car breaking down in the middle of your holiday can spoil your holiday.

These are the areas that can make you spend more. Be prepared. Follow my tips and save money on your next tour.

Written by Ella Rich
A person of varied interests, Ella Rich is an avid tech fan. She loves everything from mobiles to cars to innovations. She’s worked as a roadworthy certificate Townsville for a few years and has also gained first hand experience with car service. She loves to write and share her experiences with a wider audience.

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