Guest post by Hannah Brooklyn: 7 Hot Spots in Amsterdam


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Amsterdam is the capital city of Netherlands and is the most populous city of the Dutch. There are many hotspots in Amsterdam for doing different things for example for eating, drinking, clubbing, taking photos and for inspiration. The Red Light District is famous for entertainment spots, eating spot and shopping spots in Amsterdam.

Stedelijk Museum:

The Stedelijk Museum is an international museum that showcases modern and contemporary art and design. Most museums are always reserved to showcase old ancient art and ancient culture. This museum is different because it aims to provide a home for modern art for the modern artist and a variety of publics. This is a hotspot for many people who visit Amsterdam even for the locals because many people can relate to modern art and design and would want to purchase modern art for decorating their homes.


Image provided by author Hannah Brooklyn

I Amsterdam letters:

This is a famous photo shoot hotspot in Amsterdam and also an icon for the city. Everyone who goes to Amsterdam and even the locals always look for a photo opportunity at this spot. People always find themselves in, on top and around the letters which give a variety of colourful photographic memories. The letters are red and white which makes the photo more memorable.

Ctaste Amsterdam:

This is a classic eating hotspot in Amsterdam. The idea of eating in the dark is not just amazing but adventurous. In this restaurant, you eat in complete darkness. The idea is to focus on the taste of the food. You will be guided by waiters who will ensure you find a table and your food and also guide you through the whole time you are there. This is an exciting adventure for anyone.

Melkweg (Milky Way):

This is an international reputed entertainment venue in Amsterdam offering all sorts of entertainment from cultural events, theatre events and modern music entertainment. This centre is famous for its history having been a former dairy and sugar factory. The centre also has a unique and intimate theatre that very few people know of and it offers an original experience for anyone. It is a hotspot because of the variety of things it offers and it is internationally themed as well

MOMO Restaurant:

This is one of the most sophisticated and classy restaurants in the heart of the city of Amsterdam. Its ambience and decor is one of a kind. It is hip, modern and combines the classic French bistro dining with an informed Asian culture. It still maintains a modern and unique twist that draws many young and hip visitors. This is a hotspot because the style of dining is unique; it has funky music and full of energy.


This is a hip and modern club to hangout. It has a relaxed atmosphere good for catching up, eating and drinking. It is one of the popular clubs in the Jordan area. It is full of energy especially during the weekend and is usually crowded. The music is energetic and modern and is a place you can go to have absolute fun and dance your sorrows away.

Hannekes Boom:

This is a very unique restaurant at the harbour of Amsterdam made of wood and recycled materials. It has an impressive fireplace during the winter and a nice terrace served with buffet style drinks and snacks during the summer. It offers beautiful sceneries while relaxing. These hotspots are recommended for anyone traveling to Amsterdam. Getting a visa as a tourist to Netherlands is as easy as getting a Turkey visa and you should get one and visit Amsterdam for these beautiful spots.

Author: Hannah Brooklyn

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