Guest post by Hannah Brooklyn: Natural Wonders in Australia

Ideally, Australia is a country that is worth a visit. It is rich in natural attractions that have remained for ages to be the most outstanding wonders of the world. They are both fantastic and you can’t afford to miss out to see in your lifetime.

They include the following;

The Great Barrier Reef

Believe it or not this is the only living creature found on Earth that is visible from space. It dates back twenty five million years ago meaning that it has been there and will be there to be seen by the upcoming generations.  It stretches to about 300 Km from the coastal part of Queensland. It is inhabited by 1500 species of tropical fishes and 400 different corals. It is such a beautiful and also a precious attraction that you need to pay a visit.


Image provided by guest blogger Hannah Brooklyn

Uluru attraction

It is a sacred attraction of the famous indigenous Anangu people. These people requested individuals not to climb Monolith Sandstone which is 450 Km to the southern part of Alice Springs.  It has a circumference of 9.4 kilometres and a height of 348 Km giving it an outstanding picturesque. It is famous due to a variety of hues that gives it a bathe especially during sunrise and sunset. Do not miss out this natural feature.


Image provided by guest blogger Hannah Brooklyn

The twelve apostles

These are limestone stacks that were created through erosion and can be viewed even from the Great Ocean Road away from the coast of Victoria. Erosion is still going on at the moment shaping and reshaping it giving it a more unique picturesque.  The erosion rate is two centimetres a year though formerly they were nine but at the moment, they are only eight.

Fraser Island

Ever heard of the world largest sandy island? Fraser Island measures a length of 123 km and a width of 22 Km. It is located at the end of the famous Great Sandy Straight. It is surrounded by rainforests many sand dunes lots of fresh water lakes and variety of wildlife. It is such a perfect stunning picturesque that you should not miss in any way.

Shark Bay

It is located to the north of Perth west coast of Australia. It has a w-shaped coastline of rocky limestone, a huge cliff of 1500 kilometres in length and quite a number of white sand dunes. Moreover, there are a lot of shallow peninsulas and most of all a home to many dugongs estimated to over 10000 in number. It is also inhabited by the endangered species of creatures and a number of dolphins. It history is dated to be the first landing point of the first Europeans. The pinnacles A Located to the north of Perth and is only three hour drive. It has limestone that dates back 30000 years ago. There is a variety of seashell deposits at the coastal part of this island. The pinnacles rise to great height and is inhabited by species of emus, reptiles and grey kangaroos.

Australia is such fantastic destination with variety of unique features that you should not miss to watch. Obtain yourself an Australian visa for your chance to travel there and realize the secret behind its wonders of nature that dates back many centuries ago.

Written by: Hannah Brooklyn

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