Hong Kong ~ What an amazing trip!


Hong Kong was definitely a very memorable and amazing trip. I was lucky enough to experience so many different aspects of this destination within a matter of days.  Even my flight there and back – AMAZING! I flew over on Business Class on the Qantas A380 from Sydney, Australia and I have to say, it’s the best flights I’ve ever been on! (thank you so much Qantas!). Great space, great service, great privacy, great food, great features – I can honestly say that for the first time ever, I was in no rush to get off a flight. (Yes, that’s me in the photo below enjoying my flatbed and movies).


After getting off such a nice flight, I checked into the Intercontinental Hotel on the Kowloon waterfront with stunning views of Hong Kong Harbour, club lounge access and butler service for the room – AMAZING! It didn’t take me long to discover the ‘butler’ after checking into my room. I accidentally flicked a switch thinking it was the lights and a few seconds later a butler turns up at my door.  Could it get any better?



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There’s so much to see and do in this city – jump on a tour bus or get in on a walking tour to discover all there is about this place.  I was lucky enough to do both.  The walking tour I did was actually a Foodie tour on foot – pretty cool experience.  We stopped in on some great local eateries to sample different dishes of their local food. Lots of different meats on this one – duck, pork, seafood etc (probably not a first pick for vegetarians). It’s a bustling city with some pretty delicious cuisines, alleyways filled with markets and stores, and plenty of people (including a large percentage of Western expats living here). Some parts of Hong Kong even have a very European feel to it.




I loved the shopping here – between the millions of markets (Ladies Markets and Stanley Markets are pretty popular) to malls filled with high end shopping, there’s so much to find if you have the time to browse. It didn’t take me long to go back to my hotel room with a bunch of shopping bags. I even managed to experience the horse races while I was here!


For those who love the nightlife, I definitely recommend you checking out “Ozone” which is the highest rooftop bar in the world and is located on the 118th floor of the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Great vibe and set up in there and the views are pretty phenomenal too.


Another thing I recommend doing (if you’re not afraid of heights) is visiting “The Peak Hong Kong”. However, the tram ride up there is pretty steep and you do get up pretty high but when you get up there, the views over Hong Kong are pretty spectacular.  Besides the views, you’ll also find a shopping mall up there with plenty of souvenir shops, restaurants and ice cream parlours. I must admit, there were a few times when standing near the edge that my stomach felt a little uneasy being up so high with such a steep edge.


One more “must do” is getting on board one of their Junk Boats. You have to, it’s Hong Kong! It’s quite a nice little ride along the Hong Kong Harbour, especially in the early evening when the sun has gone down and the city is lit up. They have little lounges in there where you can put your feet up and relax, and you can even get snacks and drinks on board while you watch the city go by.


This was definitely a really fabulous trip and I did enjoy every little bit of it. It’s a great place to visit and would love to go back again. A big thank you to Hong Kong Tourism and Qantas for such an amazing and unforgettable experience.

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