Guest post by Ella Vincent: Important Things to Consider While Travelling With Baby

Travelling with a baby is not easy especially if it is his first journey in the car. The frequent twists, turns and bumps will disrupt his sleep. He may feel claustrophobic in the car and not eat well. A baby with an empty stomach is not a happy baby. Eventually this makes your journey long. Hence it becomes important that you carry everything required on the move to keep him away from turning grumpy. Here is a checklist of items that make travelling smooth and tension-free with the baby.

Baby Travel from Ella Vincent

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Baby products

Products such as moisturizer, cream, powder, lotion are required often. Keep them in baby’s bag.


Warmth of the blankets helps to put the infants to sleep. If there is a surprise change in weather, blankets aid in protecting him from the chills.

Car seat

Remember the baby should ride rear-facing in the back seat in an infant car seat, rear facing car seat or a convertible infant toddler car seat. Install the car seat properly – adjust the harness tightly and comfortably.

Clothes, Socks and Shoes

You may be used to carrying light but when travelling with a small child; you will require a lot of clothes including socks, shoes and the rest.


You need loads of them. On an average, take one for every hour. You will also require a pad to place underneath for diaper change.

Diapers Rash Cream

Baby’s skin is sensitive and develops rashes sooner than we expect. Therefore, keep one diaper rash cream handy to soothe the discomfort, if experienced by your tiny tot. Use the cream prescribed by the pediatrician.


Apart from baby food, carry some healthy snacks and fruits to keep his tummy full. Fruits like bananas, apples and oranges are good or take your child’s favorite fruit. Keep a plate, bowl, and spoon to feed him. Other essentials include bottle washing brush, scissors and knife.

First aid kit

The first-aid kit must contain all the necessary medicines to deal with minor health problems that the baby may encounter while on a road trip with you. Stash all those needed daily as well as the ones you need occasionally. You can never tell when the need may arise. Don’t forget the prescription ay home.

New toys and books

Keep some new toys and books. When the baby gets restless, bring out the hidden treasure. This will keep the toddler engaged for a good length of time.


When nothing works in pacifying the baby, pacifiers become the most valuable asset.

Plastic bags

You have to have something to store the dirty diapers. Plastic bags resolve the purpose effectively.

Protection from sun

Take a hat to shade him from the sun’s rays.


Take plain boiled water along. Don’t rely on the mineral water you get on the way.


No words on that. You know why they are needed and in how much quantity. Don’t forget them at home. Stash wet and plain tissues for wiping face and hands in the bag.

If you like, you can carry a portable crib or a fold up stroller depending on the length of your journey.

Pack all the above, and please don’t forget the most important thing – a full car service by a qualified mechanic to ensure a hassle-free ride with your baby.

Have a happy, joyful journey!

Written by Ella Vincent
Author Bio:
Ella is a passionate about cars and the latest technology used in them. Of late, she has been studying automatic transmission vividly. This has made her explore places that specialize in diagnosing, repairing and rebuilding automatic transmission of a car. She has reviewed A & B Automatic Transmission Service and Repair and strongly recommends it.

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