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If you’re ever in California (or moreso LA) and feel like taking a break from the big city – San Diego is only a few hours drive from Los Angeles. It’s a smaller…more modern (and cleaner)…very ‘suburban’ like city located on the coast of Southern California, so the Pacific Ocean is pretty closeby for all those water lovers. Whenever I’m in San Diego, I’m generally visiting my family that live there and have enjoyed my stay each time.

Their downtown area is alot smaller than alot of other major cities, with alot of their suburban areas associated with the United States Navy – military families/communities/retired military etc.  In my eyes, San Diego is very similiar to my hometown of Brisbane, Australia – a city that’s a little more laidback, relaxed and slower-paced compared to other cities.  It also has a heavy Spanish influence (which I love!). If you ever make it to San Diego, there’s a nice little spot in the same area as the San Diego Zoo (which of course is a cool little place to visit too), known as “Balboa”.  It’s a little urban cultural park where the Spanish influence is pretty evident in the buildings alone – a great little area to stroll around, relax, take in the history, have a picnic or just snap some pics (as I do).


Balboa, San Diego

If you’re ever in this lovely, charming little city…stop by the Port of San Diego and enjoy some seafood by the water, explore their downtown “Gaslamp District” for a relaxing lunch (or a bit of souvenir shopping), or just grab some take out at an “In-&-Out Burger” joint (this is a California thing), their burgers and fries are great!


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