Throw, roll or fold?

So…whether you’re a frequent traveller or not, I’m keen to see what your “packing” style is when travelling overseas.  Are you the kind of traveller who throws all your clothes into a suitcase and closes the cover, not really caring what’s in there or not?


Or, do you like to fold everything neatly keeping with a particular order?


Or, do you like to roll all your clothes to try and fit as many clothes as you possibly can into every corner of the suitcase you can find?


How far in advance of your trip do you like to pack? Do you leave it till the night before or the morning your travelling? Or, do you prep yourself a week or so in advance, at least filling the suitcase with items of clothing you’re thinking of bringing then culling it down till you have the right amount of clothes for your trip?

Personally, as much as I’ve travelled, I still struggle with “packing light”. I always like to be prepared for every situation, climate, activity that I have planned or might come up on a trip – so despite the fact that I know I can always purchase something if I have to, I still always like to be prepared. I am a “roller”! I like to fit as much as I can in my suitcase and rolling works best for me.

Here’s a few things that I think should always be packed in your suitcase when travelling overseas (besides your regular clothes, passport, currency etc of course):

  • Waterproof jacket/Raincoat
  • A handful of plastic bags or waterproof bags
  • Flip Flops
  • Travel clock with alarm
  • Laundry bag

What packing style works best for you?

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