Stylish, Cafes, Cultural – Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne has to be one of my favourite cities in Australia.  It’s the second largest city after Sydney and it’s streets are filled with trendy cafes and restaurants, great shopping and nightlife, sports, arts, entertainment and cultural events – there’s something for everyone! Looks like it was voted “the world’s most livable city” this year too.

I love Melbourne’s big European influence (actually, it’s very multicultural influence) and strolling down the little streets of the city, you always manage to find something interesting and cool.  I love the culture, pace and vibe of this city – it’s so trendy! The only thing I would struggle with is their weather – 4 seasons in one day?? (and their winters are freezing – I’m not a cold weather person at all).  But it’s a beautiful city with so much to see and do here and I have no problem visiting again and again.

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