What’s APP-ilicious when you travel?


I don’t know about you but I’m a big fan of using APPs while travelling, it’s so much easier than paper. The one I use the most is “Tripit” because it pretty much keeps all your travel info in 1 app with real-time updates. Not to mention, it’s available for most startphones and tablets whether you use apple, android, blackberry or windows.

The best thing is, it’s so easy to use and you can even email your itinerary to plans@tripit.com and it automatically updates your saved “trip” on the app. It can also show you maps of hotels you’re staying in aswell as let you know if a flight is delayed if you happen to be waiting on someone else to meet you. Another good feature is if you’re travelling with someone else, both of you can be linked to the same trip (by adding the other) on that app where you can update and add to the trip and both have access to the same updates.

If there’s any APP I’d recommend on your travels, I’d say, go with TripIt.

If you use another APP and would also recommend it, let me know by commenting below. I’d love to hear what other people use and find helpful.

Thanks & happy travels! 🙂

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